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Happy Fathers Day…..

I know I caught this Tarpon a few days ago, as you can see the occasional dream does come true (and this is one of many), this is only down to one man… Rodney Goodship, owner of Fish the Dream, and through his complex teachings I have passed the angling dream onto two of my good friends, and will hopefully continue to pass on the Tarpon word to many others.

Our first trip out here many years ago Rodney ended up releasing a 180lb Tarpon, (Scott just reminded me that his fish could have been far bigger, possibly 200lb, sorry mate !) and a first for my best mate Scott, and still his fish is bigger than my best, and he then went on to release a 30lb Permit……woo ho legend….May little George follow in his fathers foot steps…..

This guy, now good friend has trained me in the skills, I could only ever dream of, sharing over ten years angling experience here in the Key’s with me, including some of the best fishing marks, those will remain with the dream, that’s what makes this set up what it is, and a leader in its field!!!!!

Adrian a leading fishery scientist, and Neil on the committee of one of the largest UK angling clubs were here last week and left, speechless at the potential, and the mad capabilities of this fishery, the future is bright the future is FTD…..