Great to receive a hand written letter……

Dear John

I thought you might like the following for your blog:-

John, just a note to say thank you for allowing me to fish The Dairy House Beat recently.  It was very nostalgic for me as I used to fish this spot many years ago.  I never thought I would get the chance to fish there again, it brought back happy memories.

The day, late September was hot and sunny, the river lower than I had ever seen it.  The banks were well maintained and the grass nicely mown.  The fishing hut was very welcoming with its old tackle items and the table and chairs outside.  The de-barbed mayfly attached to the returns book by fishing line was a nice touch.

Due to the conditions, it meant that the fish were spooked fairly easily, but I did manage to catch three wild brown trout up to 15 inches and a big old grayling of 3lb 6.5 oz, which was blind in its right eye.  With these big fish it is extremely important that you return them as soon as possible, I prefer to let them recover in a large landing net in a suitable oxygenated spot.

I had a look at the adjacent stream and saw plenty of small fish, challenging fishing that you would need a shorter rod for.

Thanks for being such a great host.

See you soon

Paul Mildren

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