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Great expectations

So much for a week of rest, I have to admit to a little gentle chainsaw work, a spot of mowing, a splash of weed cutting and a lost Bass!

As my Popper worked its way across the surface, through the weed only a few yards from the shore, swimmers, paddlers and scavenging Gulls, a Bass charged and for a few seconds the clutch on my reel screamed as the fish tore line heading for the moored boats, as quick as it happened it all ended, the line fell slack and my little popper floated to the surface……….

I will be back…..

We had a lovely weed cutting job today, a last minuite tidy up on a local estate in time for the village fate on Saturday.

When we left it looked like a picture postcard.

We have a day out on Top Cat on Sunday and by good fortune the forcast is 100% spot on, infact, all most to the day last year we had some fantastic fishing and calm seas so lets keep our fingers crossed, watch this space, will I catch a Bass, and will John G s super Bream rigs work?

Tony hooked up….big time…this time last year…..