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Grayling on a dry fly

A grey chilly, pre Christmas get together by Adrian’s kind invitation, to once again fish on the famous Wilton estate.

John, Glyn and I arrived to meet Adrian the River keeper for a quick cup of coffee and a pre fish chat around 9 ish.

Our mornings fishing was spent on different beats, I headed down stream in search of a Chub (one small Grayling) and John and Glyn headed off in search of Grayling on the nymph, and caught far more!

we then met for lunch and a glass of wine.

Is there more to life than talking about fish?

A change of tactics after lunch, I switched over to the fly and much to my delight there was a trickle of Olives for an hour or so and I managed a fish or two on a dry fly (in December), as did John G, while Glyn sneaked a few out on the Nymph, a great day and great company….Thanks….

Adrian, all in a days work….. Cheers.