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We fished a little, sheltered from the heaviest rain since Easter weekend, ate a fine lunch with a rather good white wine and spent the rest of the day talking about fishing and obviously food!

Then after a little preparation we had drinks before having one of the most fun dinners ever, all slightly mad, foodie anglers…get the picture!

After a cracking breakfast headed home to catch up on a bit of office work, sort photos out etc…..

The phone rings “John are you out on the river?” “I can be, why?” “I have just caught a large Grayling” “I am on my way”……….

What a week this is turning out to be, and now I am on my way to photograph possibly the biggest Grayling I have ever seen caught on a fly……….

What a fish and on the fly, “Richard well done”.  I love my job! I can here you all scratching your heads trying to guess her weight???????????4lb 2oz……..Nice!