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Frost then Floods

I always find the month of January a little disjointed, firstly it was to cold to fish and now its to flooded to do anything, let alone fish!

Looks like a much needed day in the office tomorrow, not just in front of the computer but trying to get used to using reading glasses, eyes tested for the first time since school, strange, but being able to tie a small fly onto fine line again, great….

A spot of clay shooting on Saturday, great fun up to the time my stupid gun decides to fire both cartridges, or “missiles” as Ben calls them at the same time, ouch!

Look there’s a Blue winged Olive….

We missed our fair share of clays to start off with and Nick said the cartridges I took didn’t work properly!

Then we got our eye in and nailed a few, a great morning.

John G is getting excited about catching a monster Tarpon this spring and has already started tying a few flies, and a few more……..

Can’t wait to try one of John’s

Cheers Glyn for the pattern advice…

On top of a busy week I have to sort out the gear for a trip out to the Keys on Friday, at the moment it’s cold and windy out there, not good, it needs to pick up a lot if were going to be in with a chance of a big shark on a fly……….