From one extreme to the other

Earlier this week I was on the banks of the river Frome, the Mayfly hatches were stunning including the great falls of spinner in the evenings, stunning fishing despite the desperately low water levels!

But I have to say the icing on the cake has to be our new Dairy House Fishery, totally 100% wild fishing and already we have had wild Brown Trout to nearly three pounds and a handful of slightly early Grayling the largest was weighed at a staggering 4lb 2oz (all catch and release) check out are Chalkstream page and get booked in for a day…..

The other extreme is that I arrived in the Florida Keys yesterday for a few weeks Guiding for My friend Rodney who owns

The weather is stunning, and we started off today fishing in the Gulf after large Grouper….The largest was around the 250 pound mark, again all these fish are released, and tomorrow is another day…….

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