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Fishing not catching

Yesterday was one that can be described as being “good for the soul”, and the weather was fantastic.

We started off as planned lure fishing for the Bass in Portland harbour, plenty of follows but we could not get a Bass to take a lure of any description, it was fantastic to watch fish in two feet of water just sitting still hiding in the weed, typical no fly rod, these fish just looked like they wanted to be Bonefish, I will be back with some shrimp pattern’s very soon.
Great for fish spotting, stalking Bass………..

Once we had lost what little tide we had, we climbed over the Chesil bank to spin for a Mackerel, to no avail so we headed off to buy lunch.

We spent the early evening on a tiny chalk stream and managed a hand full of little wild Brown trout, there was a flurry of small Olive’s and one or two of the last Mayfly.