Fish the Dream

I have just returned from a fishing trip to the Florida Key’s and what a trip it was, firstly the company, my good friend of many many years John Grindle, big fish hunter Lee Jasper, a great guy who I met through “Fish the Dream” and of course Rodney and Helen Goodship who run this rather fantastic sport fishing operation in Marathon Key, most likely the sport fishing capital of the world…..

We arrived to a stunning weather forecast which opened up endless opportunities for us to explore new marks with some rather amazing results, the first mark we went to explore, a Tiger Shark of possibly 1000 pounds swam up the chum line and much to John’s relief disappeared rather than trying to eat the boat.

John Grindle was to be fair on him thrown in at the deep end, Sharks to over 100lbs and a monster Grouper of about 175lbs, the look on his face was a picture, but to top this, being a rather fine chalk stream angler and many miles away from the Frome valley he just had to catch the only Sea Trout on the trip, well angled that man….


The trip just kept on getting better as we all continued catching some seriously good fish, we had over 40 species during the week and we all laughed, what fab company…. We fished as a team making sure we all had plenty of action…..

This is a working fishing holiday and great fun to be part of running the boat, collecting the fuel, bait and tackle, cleaning the boat down at the end of the day and sharing those fishing stories over dinner and a beer in the evening, that is if you can keep going as you are going to physically HURT after playing some of the fish in the Key’s after all you can catch up on some sleep on your flight back to the UK.

We all caught some exceptional fish, one slightly scary day, we were fishing some Tuna marks some 35 miles off shore and every time we stopped there were huge Sharks hanging under the boat, so we sight fished and had four fish for nearly 2000lbs, best Lee’s monster Bull shark of over 600lbs happy days…….

A massive thank you to Rodney and Helen for making fishing dreams come true….  and John and Lee for making me laugh so much!!!!!


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