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Fish the dream

Scott and I managed to fit in a weeks fishing out in the Florida Keys with the company Fish the dream (check out their website

We picked up our hire car in Miami filled it up with fishing gear and sped off down to the Keys, the following morning we were up at stupid a clock fishing in the canal, when it got light we went to the tackle shop to stock up on chum more tackle and licences.

Not much later we were 25 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico attached to fish of frightening sizes, huge Grouper, and sharks, by tea time we had both released Bull sharks to over 300 pounds….

The weather was hot but slightly windy which prevented us getting off shore, into Bill fish country.

The Everglades were fantastic, we saw a Hamerhead that was about ten feet long in two feet of water, we witnessed complete carnage, Tarpon crashing, and massive Sharks feeding on Tarpon in the surf, trust me no place for a swim….

We caught loads of fish, crossed a few things off the fish to catch list and had a dammmmm good time, its a full hands on trip, no time for lounging about, fish till you drop!!!!

Our next trip is during prime Tarpon time, I cannot wait.

Don’t spend all your life talking about it, get on the phone to Fish the dream and book it up….

We flew over Portland on the way out.

I managed 4 of these on a 9wt…


Getting sorted…

A small Spinner…

A BIG thank you to Rodney and Helen for putting up with us…