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Fish tales

An incredibly varied week, we have seen most of southern England on various watery projects.

One client e mailed through some photographs of some willow bank revetment that Elliot and I did back in the winter, what a transformation!

Elliot hard at it back in the winter

Six or so months later

A bit of mowing on Saturday morning, whilst I was grafting Libs sneaked off and caught a 4lb Chub!
Whilst on the subject of fishing, next year I will be running a couple of trips during prime Tarpon season to the Florida Keys with “Fish the Dream” there is some availibility during June, so if you need something to look forward to this is most definitly the one thing to do…….
I decided that it would be a good idea to make some Pike fish pie, great until you start taking the bones out, and the bones out, then go through it and take the bloody bones out…….. nightmare, but well worth it in the end, also boiled up what was left and made some cracking Pike soup!