Fish population surveys

Thursday of this week we went back to some enhancement  work that was done on the middle reaches of the river Frome back in 2010.

This was a partnership project between the Environment Agency and the Frome, Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association, with “Casterbridge Fisheries” as main contractors, we had a 15t long reach slew on site re profiling the bed of the river under the careful guidance of our leading consultant Dr Allan Frake, and time was spent laying some trees into the river to add to the large woody debris!

So a year later our electric fishing survey team return to the site to monitor the fish population to compare with the pre works results………

We are still prossesing the collected data but the figures so far indicate a THREE FOLD increase in the fish population because of the increase in habitat.

The full report will soon be avaliable and highlights the need for surveying sites before and certainly after any enhancement work takes place.

 Yesterday we were carrying out a pre- enhancement survey for a new river project, this time a partnership between the famous DFC and the EA as part of the “Frome Restoration Plan”

I have to state that all our survey work is comparable and in line with the Environment Agency data.  

A really exciting week ahead, watch this space, now leaving for the river Test, could be interesting……

I am heading east fishing, and we have people from the west country coming here to fish for the day…

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