Fish of a lifetime…..

Yesterday one of our visiting anglers caught and released the biggest Grayling he had ever seen in his life, possibly only a few ounces off the record.

This fish was fin and scale perfect, and quiet possibly never been caught before, watch this space for his full report.

Here is Tonys report…..

Hi John,

Bob and I enjoyed our visit to the Dairy House water yesterday, it’s something that I had been looking forward for a few weeks. The location is quite beautiful and we were blessed with some really decent weather for early March.

I’m still coming to terms with the size of the fish that I managed to deceive on a size 14 nymph and keep looking at the photos to make sure that it really happened. Although I have caught large grayling up to 49cm from the river Frome I have never previously seen, let alone caught a grayling of this size and beauty.

I initially saw what I took to be a large fish lying in a deeper pocket of water but although it then moved up and across to a run under the trees I was still able to see it and cast to it. After a few casts it seemed to move to intercept the nymph and I was delighted to find that I had hooked it when I lifted the rod. I don’t think it knew that it was hooked as it just dropped back into the deeper pocket in front of me and it was then that I started to appreciate that it was a really good fish.

I made a half hearted attempt to net it before it realised that it was hooked but it suddenly woke up and tore off downstream in the first of several runs with aerobatics thrown in for good measure. I had called to Bob when I hooked the fish and he was now dancing along the bankside telling me what a lucky so and so I was when I missed my first attempt at netting the fish. Eventually I managed to subdue the fish and it was only when it was finally in the net that we could see its true size.

We attempted to weigh it in the net but my scales, which only went to 4lbs, bottomed out with a resounding ‘clunk’ so even allowing for the net weight of 1lb 3ozs we knew we had a 3lb plus fish. We measured it against the landing net handle and took a few quick photos before getting it back in the water where we took more photos whilst it was recovering. I’m pleased to say that it recovered well and swam away strongly so it’s there for some other lucky angler to try to catch.

Thanks to your trusty tape measure and the research that you and Alex put in trying to find length and weight tables for grayling we established that it was a 51cm fish weighing between 3lb 12oz and 4 lbs. I appreciate that the grayling are close to their peak weight about now but despite your attempts to talk the weight up I’ll settle for the lower figure which is a new personal best for me and may well prove to be a fish of a lifetime.

Best wishes,


Our beats are now closed, and open again on 1st April for the Trout fishing, we are taking bookings now for the Trout fishing and the Grayling fishing for next winter.

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