First day tomorrow!

I have to say we have just had one of the most amazing Grayling winters, the fishing was tough, seriously tough, but massively rewarding for those who fished hard… And boy did we have fun….

The Chalkstream Club was fantastic over the winter, great socials, great speakers, and lots of lovely people….

So tomorrow brings yet another first day of the Trout season, each one more exciting, this one is my 48th, and still I will struggle to sleep tonight… 🙂

New Rod Licence purchased –

Day tickets available on the famous DFC water-

We have had a great winter for working on the River, all our beats look stunning and are ready to go –

The Little Syndicate is full and excited about this stunning little Trout Stream….

DFC lower water and various other beats mown, I have been promising the Frome a new mower for the last fifteen years, so if the fishing is tough please bring your Croquet kit….

2015-03-31 14.35.15

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook and have a seriously great season… 🙂

Now to sort out a Fly Rod….

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