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Fabulous Dorset

Can you believe six whole months of 2008 has now passed!

Time to get our little fishing heads on and get out, rather than just thinking about it…..

Saturday I was lucky enough to spend the day on the Frome with friends, we managed a few missed fish and one on a GRHE nymph and home in time for tea.

Just being there, its good for the soul….

Sunday morning the girls and I shot down to Chesil Cove, a spot of fishing and a picnic with friends, we caught nowt! lots of warm sunshine, I tied up a few Mullet rigs for tomorrow……

Nipped home for a cup of coffee, dropped the girls off, they shot up to the allotment to harvest some potatoes and loads of salad, and you guessed it I met up with Ben A to try for a Bass, we saw plenty, nearly caught one, but ended up with enough Mackerel for the smoker, all caught on Tobys in a seriously rough sea!

180 thousand people at Glastonbury this weekend! great, nobody on the fleet, result……

Earlier in the day Eliot drove past and shouted what are you doing, I replied loudly I don’t Know but its great……!!!!!

Scott and Alex look on my website to see what were having for dinner, smoked Mackerel again folks….

Early start tomorrow, a day off, were going Mullet fishing in Christchurch Harbour cannot wait!!!!

Trust me an opportunity missed has gone forever! do it, your a long time Not Fishing……..