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Eggs and Redds

We placed our order for 40,000 Brown Trout eggs with Hooke Springs Trout Farm a little while ago,we then had nearly 50 days of rain (according the local news) which made things a little tricky!
As our deadline arrived today, the last day to safely move the eggs, the river had just dropped to depths safe enough to put our egg boxes in.
The boxes were plumbed in below a nice head of clean spring water and a fair amount of gravel added to the egg box, firstly weighing it down and secondly providing the natural redd type environment for these little fellas to hatch out in to….welcome to the middle Frome!

Elliot carefully placing the Trout eggs into one of our boxes, today was a little colder than of late, and then it started raining!
On our journey around the Frome today we came across a couple of Salmon Redds, you can just make them out in this picture below, we begin our Redd count on the Frome just after Christmas, we hope for a bumper count this time, as a result of such a long wet spell, and fingers crossed for lots of Redds above Dorchester as a result of the excellent Louds Mill fish pass……

You can see here, even after a few days with only a little rain, the Frome is running clear but very high!
Cracking Grayling fishing with a 4oz gold head!

Last night Richard Slocock and I ( both now vice chairmen of the Frome Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association ) attended the Wessex – Fisheries Forum Meeting with the EA in Blandford and I have to say it was an outstanding meeting, I came out glowing, the works delivered in the Wessex region in terms of fishery improvements over the last twelve months is staggering.

* Fish passage improvements on the Brit and Asker
* Frome fish passage
* Cerne fish passage
* DWT upper Frome habitat work
* DFC middle Frome habitat work
* Woodsford habitat work…awesome….
* Further works on the Stour, Piddle, Avon, work on temperature, climate change, and a whole lot more!
Trust me there is a huge amount of behind the scene work that goes on out there so that you and I can go fishing, and nearly 70% of this fishery work is funded through our “ROD LICENCES”…..

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  1. jw says:

    That water must be cold!

    Well done, keep up the great work.

    Happy Christmas, Jim