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Dorado on the fly

The weather in the Keys for my first two days has been absolutely stunning, over 100 degrees and practically no wind, perfect for an off shore trip on the first day.

Rodney and I were looking for any floating debris or weed lines off shore but due to the extremely flat conditions we struggled to find much to fish along, one tiny bit of floating weed about thirty miles out into the Atlantic, fishing the top two feet in over 600ft of water resulted in a hand full of small Dorado, a couple on the fly and a fish or two on freelined Sardine………

Sorry about the leader coming so far into the rings……..The heat gets to you in the end!

Well before first light (and after a monster thunder storm) found us heading down towards the famous seven mile bridge in search of Tarpon, the plan was for me to brush up on my radar work and for Rodney to catch a Tarpon, now it didn’t quite go to plan, Rodney was supposed to catch a Tarpon not me….130lb on a small crab under a float, Rodneys go tomorrow!