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Devon and Dorset

Two completely different locations in two days, Monday was exciting, I had never fished at Seaton, I was invited to fish for part of a program that River Cottage are making for Christmas, a great day out with a friendly bunch of anglers, Hugh cooked a cracking Pheasant curry, and I managed to catch two Dogfish before rushing east back to Dorset in time for the DFC AGM, a quiet pint and something else to eat….

Smile and try to say something sensible…..

Back in Dorset, Chesil beach still just fishable, I fished most of the day and the wind just got stronger and stronger, colder and colder, but at the end I did get a late Black Bream, no Cod!

Time to pack up, it was stupidly cold and I was the only one on the beach, “that must say something”, called into Dennings tackle for a peak at Paul’s new gun department, and to chat about the various patterns of chalk stream flies they will be stocking for next season, and to drink a very welcome cup of coffee!

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