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Despite the wind we are catching fish….

Our party Dave, Sue, Colin and Meg arrived a few days ago and as I said with them came some strong winds, not really strong winds but just enough to make things a little difficult…….

Below is Colin in action with a huge Nurse Shark on a legered Pin fish intended for a Grouper…..

Despite this we have made the most of some slightly sheltered marks and to be fair they have had some cracking fishing, lots of different species of Sharks including, Nurse sharks to about 190lbs, a Tiger Shark, lots of large Lemon’s, Spinners, and various reef Sharks, Mackerel, Needle fish, Snapper, lost a couple of Grouper and a few other smaller species including a tiny Lizard fish on a large plug……We had Tarpon rolling in front of us as we tried for Grouper under the bridges today…….

Bahia Honda bridges tomorrow watch this space!