Dairy House Holiday

Avid supporter of the Chalkstream Club, Obsessive Fly Fisher, lover of good food, booze and fresh air… Friend David Burton and gang had a rather fun week here at the Dairy House, sampling the simple delights of the Frome Valley, oh and catching a fish or two…..

Thank you so much for the fabulous prints, great words…. David’s contact details below 🙂  Thank you also for the great pictures….




2016-06-12 13.25.58 DairyHouse_Monday-27 DairyHouse_Monday-34 DairyHouse_Sunday-2 DairyHouse_Sunday-16 DairyHouse_Sunday-53 DairyHouse_Sunday-77 DairyHouse_Sunday-146 DairyHouse_Thursday-28 DairyHouse_Tuesday-14 DairyHouse_Tuesday-68


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