Dairy House Fishery

Classic dry fly fishing on the Dorset River Frome

Perfect Chalkstream

When John kindly invited me to fish his wonderful new stretch of the Dorset River Frome, I just couldn’t refuse such a privileged offer. John’s new fishery is a mile and a half of mostly double bank fishing and its in the middle of the Dorset countryside far away from any towns or roads.

As we made our way downstream we could see there was a good hatch of grannom and olives coming off with fish rising to them. The river was crystal clear, with plenty of ranunculus waving over the bright gravels of this glorious chalkstream beat. We also spotted several big grayling in the deeper runs and I have these on my list for later in the year!

We reached the bottom and opened my fly box to select a fly to try, the air was filled with bird song, sedge warblers, great tits and the shrill of a kingfisher as it darted upstream. The fly selection was easy and out came a “new” pattern, which is basically a GRHE, but with tuft of snowshoe rabbit fur, which helps this little fly float like a cork and is easy to spot on the water. (pattern below)

First Trout

John had the first cast to several rising fish in one of the many fishy looking spots and it was on his second cast that a fish rose to sucked in his fly. John’s first fish from the Dairy House water and the picture tells you just how pleased he was.

First Cast!

My turn to have a cast and surprisingly a fish was still rising in the same pool, I flicked my fly over the rise and up came the fish and confidently took the fly. That was two fish from the first 10 yards of the fishery, thankfully the rest of the world was busy with William & Kate’s wedding, so we had plenty of time to fish and chat our way up the fishery.

Half way up the main South Stream there is a derelict brick built fishing hut over looking a scrumptious hatch pool, John has plans to bring this hut back to life so that anglers can enjoy their lunch whilst over looking the river. From here you can cross the field to the North Stream which is smaller and more intimate than then South Stream, but this also had rising fish as we walked half of this beat.

Home Beat

Back to the South Stream to fish the top half and another large grayling spotted from the bridge. Now the hatching grannom & olives were joined by falls of black gnat & hawthorn fly. Fish were rising all around and because it was such a special occasion we only cast to a few of the rising fish as we made our way upstream to the top boundary.

John has many plans for the future of the fishery, but one thing he doesn’t have to worry about is the river and the fish, because both are already perfection and it was a huge honour to have been the first to fish this fishery with him – many thanks John – PS> I will be back!

John Grindle

The Gold Top

Gold Top

Hook: Size 16 barbless
Body: Hares Ear
Tail: Optional – hare guard fur
Rib: Fine gold wire
Wing: Snowshoe rabbit fur (natural or olive)
This is as good as CDC but a lot more durable