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Cold water Grayling

A great way to get a little motivation after the Christmas fill, is to spend most of the day wading in freezing water, fishing with very heavy nymphs in search of Grayling or the “Lady of the stream”.

John G and I headed north for an hour or so on some very icy roads, a car in front of us actually left the road and flipped on to its side, pretty scary stuff, we ran to the rescue and with a massive stroke of luck the occupant’s of the car were not hurt just a tad shaken!

Glyn drove for a few hours south and made us laugh for most of the day, catching a few fish and constantly reminding John G and I of the things that could bite (other than fish) when fishing for Mahseer in the jungles of southern India.

Thanks to John for helping guide me through the art of nymphing on a short line, great fun, thats the fab thing about fishing, we are all still learning something.

Glyn supplied the sausage rolls and pickled garlic cloves, John, cold ish soup and Christmas cake and I russled up some sarnies out of “glow in the dark” smoked salmon…..

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