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Christmas eve Grayling

For some reason I found myself in the kitchen at 6am this morning, prepping for the big day ahead, watching Tarpon video clips (burning breakfast), cooking a game pie, and simmering a little bit of Pike for the cat, and it didn’t get light until 8am, roll on BST.

After lunch, the girls headed off shopping, in full Christmas spirit.

I managed to spend a couple of hours down on the Frome taking a few pictures of some friends out Grayling fishing.

Overcast, mild, water looking perfect, the first fish I saw was a Salmon of about 8lbs sat above a bridge, I then caught up with Nick and Ben, both dab hands at nymphing.

Great fun on a Sage 3wt….

With a small hatch of Olives the fish were fairly eager, Ben doing well using an Olive Nymph taking a handful of fish to about a pound, a great way to spend part of Christmas Eve, let the festivities begin………..ENJOY…………

Best head home for a glass of wine!