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Catfish and Bass

Having spent all of Wednesday submerged in cold water, cutting and removing the prolific Canadian pond weed on a local Fishery Specimen Lake, the end result was quite amazing to see.

If you invest a little capital into your fishery in terms of a maintenance contract, the financial returns can not only cover the cost of contractors but you can reep the rewards of a well maintained fishery….

Look after your assets…

After work tonight, Elliot and I tried yet again for an early Bass on rod and line. I know one or two friends have been getting them whilst spearfishing !!!

We fished at Redcliff with a very cold SW wind, managing to stick at it till high water. Three hours later and with no bites, I have to say it was good to get out and feel sure it wont be long before we get one, !!! Watch this space …..

Its just being there that matters….

Orvis open day on the”Ginger Beer Beat” on Saturday, great fun, watch this space……….

One Comment

  1. Elliot J McBryde says:

    Fishing was good fun, but the fish pie was much better! Cheers mate!