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Stillwater Weed Cutting

Its that time of year again, excessive weed growth on stillwaters due to all the fine weather we are having.

We are getting calls, particulary from angling clubs, because of the boom in invasives such as Fringe Lilly, canadian pond weed, Azolla…and the dreaded blanket weed.

We are able come in with our team, even at fairly short notice to deal with this early in the season problem and make your fishery fishable again.


We have to welcome our new “Riverworks” team member Eddie, Ed I have known since those Sparsholt days many years ago, he has joined us at a very busy time of year, please read his profile which you will find as you browse our site, and I am sure you will agree he will be a very valuable addition to the team….

Azolla takes over….But not for long…..

Azolla or its more common name water fern, can take over and choke a water course (still or very slow flowing) in a fairly short time, it looks very unsightly, can lead to water quality problems and even fish kills.

We love before and after photographs, they tell such a clear story of what our “Riverworks” team get up to….

We get called out to deal with all sorts of aquatic problems, and we love to solve them!

Last week we were carring out an electric fishing survey for an estate to produce a very detailed report on the fish population and also the habitat of the river bank, once we had collected all our data we then removed a huge tree that had fallen into their lake…… We are back there next week!

Blanket Weed

We get called out to some really lovely locations, to deal with all sorts of aquatic problems, and this time of year weed growth always keeps us busy!

Blanket weed can choke ponds and lakes, leaving them looking unsightly, and if they are fished can lead to loss of earnings for the client.

An amazing thing happened this week, as we finished clearing this lake, a bat came down several times to drink!

If your pond or lake has a weed problem, please give us a ring.

All Access Platform opening a great event…..

Disabled and Infirm anglers as well as able bodied anglers will now be able to fish and enjoy the dorset countryside in comfort and safety from a new purpose built fishing platform, constructed using re-cycled plastic at the Dorchester & District Angling Society’s Lake at Higher Kingcombe Farm, Nr Toller Porcorum.

The £6,300 facility which includes a disabled parking bay, a 2 way opening wheelchair friendly gate and easy access pathway with handrails to the dedicated platform was officially opened by Mr Jim Allan of the Environment Agency, Fisheries Dept, Blandford on 26th May.

In declaring the facility open, Jim said that he was delighted with the quality of the scheme and congratulated the Society on, following to the letter the requirements and platform specifications of the British Disabled Angling Society who had conducted an audit of the site in 2009 to guide the Society on location, design and specifications.

Following the official opening, Level 1 entry students from Weymouth with either learning or physical disabilities were invited to test the facility. They were soon catching plenty fish and 17yr old Student Michael Turner landed a few nice roach & a hard fighting 5lb common carp.

Society Secretary, Steve Sudworth said ‘We’ve been working hard over the past few months with Mr Paul Crocker who we lease the lake from. Terry Moseley president of the BDAA and local contractors Gladwish Groundworks Ltd, Travis Perkins Weymouth and John Aplin Riverworks Ltd, Dorchester.
We all pulled together to get the work done to everyone’s satisfaction but the great thing is, we can at last provide some decent fishing for Disabled and Infirm anglers who would like to join the Society.

Steve paid special tribute to the Fisheries team of the Environment Agency in Blandford, led by Mr Jim Allan for his professional advice, enthusiastic support and for the grant of £5,000 towards the cost of labour, materials, plant hire, the special access gate and the re-cycled plastic BDAA approved platform provided by Fletcher Contracting Ltd in Halifax.