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Nothing to do with fish..

Rather obviously we love living in the Frome Valley, but trying to keep everyone happy can be a little tricky at times, these two pictures were taken not that far apart 🙂

Dusk on the Frome

Dusk is always an amazing time of day on the river, whatever the season, but I do think the winter can be quite magical…… I have just this moment walked in the back door, straight into the office to look at the pictures taken today, as dusk fell the whole valley just came alive, I am …

Spinning reels

Well an interesting weekend… Did the rounds on various river beats and Luckfield lake, one or two fish being caught and happy anglers. Spent this afternoon with my daughter, a friend and his daughter on a secluded lake, rod and line fishing for fish for a health check. We managed to catch the required amount …

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