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Catching up on a little fishing

Some how this week Elliot and I have succeeded in getting all the river beats we maintain looking immaculate, all the paperwork is done, so at last we have a day or two to catch up on some fishing time.

We did head out after Tench for a couple of hours last weekend, no Tench, I managed a Bream and Elliot had a good carp off the surface in a very snaggy area…..well angled….on an old Avon rod.

On a red bait….

Wednesday evening on a flooding tide Ben and I fished in the Fleet and caught a couple of Bass, I caught my smallest yet!

Back you go……..

Last night in some very shallow water, not far from Portland, we were surrounded by Mullet, great to watch these fish, I forgot my camera, typical there was lots to photograph, but these fish were a little tricky to say the least….

Andrea and I went co catch a few Mackerel after dropping Libs at school, we had enough for tea, and Andrea had a 2 pounder it was huge!