Cape Verde and back

Last week we had a fantastic family holiday on the island Sal, one of the Cape Verde islands just off the west coast of Africa.
Fine warm weather, fabulous sea food, fab beach (Libs said fab pizza) lots of walking, and a tiny bit of fishing, grand total of bites……0…….
Most days we walked into the town of Santa Maria and on to the pier to watch the fish being sorted, large Yellowfin Tuna and huge Wahoo, a few big game boats on their morings a stones throw away on aqua marine water, tempting, I would love to catch a Wahoo.
One afternoon by chance and great expense, I found myself and crew trolling offshore for a drempt of Wahoo or Yellowfin, followed by a little inshore fly fishing for Bonito, on returning to port having seen a dozen flying fish, my quest as a big game angler continues……..
A nice place not to catch fish

And another nice place

On our return in the early hours of friday morning I opened my diary to find that I was Grayling fishing for the day on saturday, but in the name of science, see DFC blog for John Grindles detailed account of the day.

The weather was superb almost spring like, so much so I saw a MAYFLY hatch, I could not believe my eyes but there it was caught in the surface film, just emerging in JAN….

I love trotting

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