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May and June were fantastic text book months, great weather, great fly hatches and great fishing, so what went wrong, not so long ago with the so called onset of global warming we should have been setting up the first Tarpon camp in Poole harbour within a few years, looks like we will have to put those plans on hold for a while…….

We did have a cracking evening last week when John G and I put on a river picnic with the Association of Ponds Lakes and Fisheries, a great turn out as we did a grand tour of some of the work that we have completed on our beloved river Frome.

New riffles and more……

While on the subject of “looking forward to things” we had a trip up to the Test Valley Angling Fair, I have to say we were a little disappointed, there was nothing to buy……or look at!

On our return journey we swung into Stockbridge to feed the fish in the high street…..

Quick get a rod……….

The Sunday turned out nice and warm, partly to make up for the show, and something I have given a little thought to over the years, we ended up on the beach and I went to look at angling kayaks and as a result of finding another angle of the sport to play about with the weather has again turned against us………

Look out Bass……

A bank holiday and a chance for a little fishing before we start seven days a week to fit in all our in river works by the end of October dead line, a long day in the office tying up all the paperwork for various consents and plans…..

To finish off with, I have had a few e mails from a guy who used to come into my tackle shop many years ago, who now runs Large mouth Bass tournaments in South Africa, check out his websites….. kickboatclassic and a lure site lunkerbay