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09.40am, I have just come in from the banks of the Frome, it is rising fairly quickly, coloured and will remain un fishable for at least 48 hours after this latest spell of rain.

I think we will build an ARK today, load up with two spinning rods, two fly rods, two boat rods etc etc…….. wait for the wind to come from the north, then set off for the tropics!

On a more serious note we have been to a number of meetings, several with the Dutchy of Cornwalls office, the Environment Agency, and Natural England, very possitive talks involving various up and coming habitat projects for the river Frome, various plans have been submitted and we await the go ahead for at least one major project later this year, all very exciting stuff.

The River Team from Natural England

John Grindle and I visited the Wilton Estate on monday evening to look at the fabulous work that has been undertaken to restore part of the river Wylye.

Woody debris…..

It is always facinating looking at various projects, the learning curve in this field is never ending, to get the chance to mix with other like minded people, to throw lots of ideas about, and come back with a new idea or two that could be put to use on future projects, we were blessed with sunshine, missed all the showers and many thanks to all involved.