Brown Trout eggs

A slightly frosty morning greeted us in the Frome valley today as three of us headed to the source of the river Hooke and the famous “Hooke Springs trout farm” to collect our 20.000 Brown Trout eggs that we were to place carefully into the instream hatchery box that we run with the DFC , Robert who runs the farm kindly took time out to show us around explaning in great detail how the farm is run, and to their credit they produce great fish and we are proud to have used them for many years.

We collected our eggs and headed downstream to carefully place them into the hatchery box that we have running using very clean spring water, the eggs are placed within the box amongst the gravel simulating a rather large natural Trout redd and under our carefull supervision the little fellas should start to hatch in about thirty days….

All we have to do now is check the box every day, keeping the silt moving on, and pray for a little rain to keep things flowing, the picture below clearly shows the eyed up eggs sitting in the gravel, watch this space…………….


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