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British weather

I feel the need to thank someone for this great British summer.

Thank you for the gale force winds that make it possible to cast a popper over a hundred yards, thanks also for the heavy rain that gets you wet on its way back up as well as on its way down, oh and a huge thank you to all the makers of breathable coats, fleeces, and the fine heating systems in Japanese pick ups…..

Exactly the same weather this time last year….

Friday evening the tide was absolutly cracking, but the weather conditions made it a little difficult even to cast a popper, let alone a fly, I managed to stick at it for a couple of hours, and when I was completly soaked, made my way home.

Saturday I managed a couple of hours out in the torrential rain, and with no coat , to bag this one on a 3wt fly rod…..

Ben dropped a couple of Lobsters in for lunch, cheers…..

The BBC weather for our area for the coming week is unsettled, what a lovely way to describe the summer, at least there is no chance of freezing drizzle at this time of the year!