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Boat handling, sun and big fish

We are very fortunate to be doing slightly more and more with Fish the Dream out in the sunny Florida Keys, this last trip for me, was to be trained under the watchful eye of owner Rodney Goodship, in various boat handling skills, navigation, handling and safely releasing big fish, and some of the various methods used, from kite fishing to trolling and the use of down riggers, all are methods we are aware of and have been using with stagering results over the past five years!
“Living the dream” comes to mind, we had some cracking fishing, off shore, Florida Bay and up in the Everglades, the locations and marks are endless, and the weather a little kinder than what we have here in the UK at the moment, I have returned to gale force winds and flooding and to top that nobody I know has been fishing!

One of the many marks we use you are almost guaranteed to catch a fish over the magical one hundred pound mark, I think back to last week and I think we only managed six or so fish over that weight!

These fish give you serious serious back ache, this is an 80lb stand up rod, and after a bit of a tug of war I was pleased to release a PB Goliath Grouper of over 200 pounds!

There are so many variations in the fishing out there, and its great to spend time catching sensible sized fish as well as the others……..

Take a look out the window at our winter weather, count the cash you have saved this year from cancelled boat trips, and get in touch about the fishing trip of a lifetime, I will be your guide on several trips next year, a Tarpon over 150lbs……could be yours……….

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