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Bird song

I woke stupidly early, the bird’s were singing their little heads off, thinking of a beautiful spring morning I got up to nip down to the river for a walk, only to find it grey and chilly, so far I have made a pot of coffee, put on another jumper and turned on the computer!

I have been working on rivers all my life and to wake up and be excited about going to work is an awesome feeling, my wife many years ago asked me what I might do when I retire, well I am going to find a bit of river and look after it!

We are stocking Brown Trout today which is always great fun, and a good turn out of volunteer’s is expected.

I am going to put one under my favorite tree….

We use floating cages, which we place the fish in, starting upstream of the beat we then walk downstream spreading the fish out as we go.

I was guilty of watching fishing on the telly on a Friday night instead of actually going, now I seem to spend more time on the computer, its great you can fish all around the globe, any time you like, check out some of these sites. Fish the Dream, Henry Gilbey, Catch Magazine, Fishing Wild, Drake Magazine, and Midcurrent, and when your feeling inspired get out fishing!