Big Pike do eat little Pike

Yesterday Bryan and I (with the help of my daughter) managed to get the DFC egg box running with very little water from a spring that is only just still running somewhere above Dorchester (comma and breathe) hopefully we (as a drought is mentioned) will receive enough rain to top everything to give us much more flow through our egg box, so that the 20,000 Brown Trout eggs that we seed, in the next week have a fair chance of survival over the next few months before they hatch and swim into the river.

A week or so ago we carried out a fairly complex fish rescue on a mill pond, resulting in us re-populating a stretch of water previously left devoid of fish after pollution, anyway we were in the throws of educating our clients to return all the big Pike because they are the best form of control on the “Jack Pike” that predate heavily on the smaller fish including Salmonid Parr, when we caught a large Pike with the tail of a “Jack” pertruding from it’s throat….after all it is true what we say, we have a team we are proud of and we have been in the industry for over 25 years….


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