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Bay Sharking…..

Adrian and Neil arrived from the UK to “Fish the Dream HQ” down in the Florida Keys, with temperature well in the 30s we had a cold drink and got them settled into their accommodation before spending the evening going over the boat safety, and lay out, fishing methods, marks and species on offer…..

Thursday morning after stocking up on fishing licences and bait we headed out into the Gulf of Mexico in search of Sharks, and by mid morning Neil found himself battling with his first Lemon shark of over the magical 100lb mark, a stunning fish, safely released….

After a lazy lunch we pulled anchor, and headed to another mark, and after a slow start, out of the blue Adrian was hooked up to an angry toothy critter, and after half an hour of sweat and sun cream in the eyes we released a cracking Lemon Shark of about 150lbs, Adrians best fish before this was a 30lb Mahseer that he caught in India earlier this year, what a year……..

We all had a great day, and headed back to dock to clean the boat down and get ready for an early morning Tarpon trip………

We were sat in the kitchen at 4am having another coffee, boat loaded, lightning towards Seven Mile bridge, a quick check on the radar confirms that is heading away from us, half an hour later we are Tarpon fishing under these world famous bridges, just as first light is breaking, Adrian has a brief encounter with a large Tarpon, the fish leapt twice, ripped line off then did what Tarpon do and disappeared into the Atlantic, leaving Adrian shaking…….

The rest of the tide was suprisingly quiet, seeing no more fish we headed back for breakfast, and made our plans to head off shore……