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We have quiet a lot of exciting new projects planned for 2010.

One of these will be the introduction of Kayak fishing tours, extensively researched over the last year or so, by myself and others, we already have more than one or two good marks up our sleeves, today Adam and I tried a new method on one of the marks, with outstanding results!

Great on extra light gear!

Fishing with really light spinning gear made the whole experience seriously good fun, in fact we aim to go even lighter, the takes were pretty savage, and the fight these fish put up on such light gear leaves even hardened anglers slightly shaky…….we were like kids on Christmas eve!

Awesome fun…….watch this space.

Kayak fishing is something completly different, another angle of the sport I have been wanting to get involved with for a while, well the wait was worth it.

Fresh Bass with a drizzel of lemon…………..

I know that yesterday was the best summers day of the summer, and today is looking good so far, I have to say I felt slightly guilty, Tim rang at 5 ish to say they were just finishing working on the river (cheers folks another cracking job), and asked if I was in the office, sorry Tim we are on the beach eating freshly cooked Bass and Mackerel!