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Trying to get the balance right is always a little tricky, juggling work, family, fishing, work, and life.

The only way is to put 100% into all of it, and eliminate any trace of guilt when your not perhaps doing the one you should be, after all we must be old enough now to know best….

Winter should be a little quieter for us, I think those days are gone, for now at least, a monster amount of office time, fishery meetings all over, Cornwall this week, the Midlands next week, and dear old Dorset for the rest of the time, rivers, lakes, water, water everywhere!

Great to take a little time out to visit one of the best places in the world, on our doorstep, balance a few stones, and check out some cracking Bass marks at the same time, my wife has just bought me a large “Gin, Sloe Gin and Tonic” into the office….Nice.