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Back on the Frome

Great to be back on the Frome, it was my first call as we drove back into Dorset last week, as the gang said “we do need some rain” despite this the river looked in good order.

The Riverfly group has had their training day, a big thank you to Sarah Williams from the Dorset Wildlife Trust for running this day, we will be in touch with everyone over this comming week as to the way forward.

Tomorrow evening I will be seeing for myself what can go on in terms of Salmon poaching in Poole harbour, hearing the truth, seeing the sites, this I am looking forward to !

Our Frome Salmon population is in a seriously poor shape, once they make it up the river they are fairly safe, but getting through the harbour without ending up in some ones freezer is the tricky part, and little if nothing is being done to prevent this poaching, can you believe this!

I would like you to e mail your comments on this serious matter to me or get in touch with

On a cheery note, I know some one fly fishing at Ferry bridge rang Elliot, who told them to ring that EA emergency hot line number (the one on your rod licence) about a boat catching undersized Bass and before they knew it there was an enforcement boat on the scene and the people on board issued with a warning!