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Adrian and Neil left Fish the Dream today to fly back to the UK…….

With their heads in a complete whirl as to what actually happened to them over their last few days fishing, they landed 22 species of fish and lost a few more, they left having both shattered their own personal best fish, both caught fish of over that magical 100 pound mark, fought fish that physically left them shaking and short of breath.

Neil also hooked and struggled with a massive Goliath Grouper, in fact there was two of us on the rod, to stop him going overboard, when this huge huge fish gave a massive head shake and snapped 250lb line….what more can I say!

Down to earth for a while we also had some cracking sport with the Sharks on heavy spinning gear, and Neil expertly released a 180lb Nurse Shark….lots of short pumps does the trick.

While these guys were battling with the monsters I managed some seriously spectacular sport on the fly rod catching lots of Jacks, Lady fish and Spanish Mackerel….just to keep them in bait you understand!  

I know the two of them have just discovered a whole new list of things to do, they have now taken a peak to some of the extreme angling available through “Fish the Dream”…………