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August, already!

The Grannom was over in a flash, the Mayfly just seems to get better each year, and now we find ourselves in the month of August, (a small trickle of Sedges and the odd small up winged fly, BWO come back all is forgiven!) and it has not rained properly since Easter weekend!

As a result of this the Frome is running a little thin, and on top of this the water is absolutely crystal clear, making 5lb mono tippets of no use!

Lib’s and I walked all of the DFC lower water earlier, the light was just right for fish spotting, and we found a number of fish on the fin, great to watch in the clear water, then, to add a little excitement to our walk we had to warn three poachers off….

Please if you find people fishing who shouldn’t be, it actually pays to be polite to them, chat if you like, about their fishing, and offer advice as to where they can fish, life is too short for hostility, last time I went in heavy handed, the front of our house had egg all over it the following morning!

Use your EA licence telephone number! or ring me as usual…..

Above is a stunning part of the middle frome, a picture taken a couple of hours ago, a typical summer scene, last year at this time we had a drop of rain, the river came up, higher than it does in the winter, will the same happen over the next week?

If it does, get down to the coast and catch something to eat, we have been making Mackerel pate for a while now, absolutely delicious!

And Pollack Tom Yam!