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Arrow Head Bluewater 9′ 3″ Saltwater 8/9 wt

Arrow head Blue water 9’ 3” Saltwater 8/9#

For far too long  I have owned various saltwater fly rods that have done the trick, that trusty old saying “that will do”.

Well when fishing for Mahseer in southern India, I was trying at lunch time to get one on the fly, a friend of mine asked for a cast and I handed him the rod….the look on his face said it all, he handed it back, and from that moment on regarding all fishing tackle “that will do won’t do”.

I went in search of a new saltwater fly rod.

Purely by chance when chatting to Charles Dutton, on a completely different topic, I ended up taking possession of a new Arrow Head rod to test drive on a trip to the Florida Key’s.

First trip out, 30 miles off shore, 9wt floating line armed with a large baitfish pattern, our guide spotted some Dorado, the rod loaded fairly quickly, and through the rings, sailed the line effortlessly towards the fish…..strip strike….fish on, not a monster maybe 5 pounds, but what fun.

Then I took a moment to go over the rod’s performance and realised that I was seriously impressed, the action was crisp and responsive, cast an impressive tight loop, it even handled a clumsy 10 wt sinking line in breezy conditions, fantastic in a mixture of situations, more than comfortable to wade and fish with all day, and a pleasure to play a fish on!

The cosmetics were up to standard, ample sized twin stripping guides, comfortable handle, and I rate highly the matt finish on the blank, comes complete with a bag and a very strong travel tube.

I have to be honest; it’s going to be a while before I consider any other saltwater fly rod!

 John Aplin

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Fun with an Arrow Head saltwater fly rod….