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April fools day….

I hope you all like my up-dated blog site!

The fencing contractors (Simon Johnson and team) have done a fantastic job on the DFC Ten Hatches beat, cannot wait to cast a fly there tomorrow, providing I remember to renew my EA licence…. dont forget folks, I might even try to do it on line later….

SJ Fencing thank you

The Frome looks nothing short of fantastic, today there was a few Grannom hatching and one or two fish rising, though to be honest everything still resembles the end of February, perhaps we will have a hot summer.

Last summer.

Sorry but I fancy a little global warning, Tarpon and Bone Fish in poole Harbour, terrible…

Daffodils in full flower looked like a good time for a Pike on the fly, we did try but failed…

But we had a lot of fun…

We have a new supa mower, too wet today to try it out, how frustrating, it even comes with a drinks bottle carrier, also invested in a new chain saw after drowning one last week decided to have at least two on every job.

Lets see what the first day of the Trout season brings tomorrow, time to dust off my one weight and have a glass of wine….. Happy Fishing