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All change tactics

As luck would have it (and a good bit of planning) we literally finished our in river enhancement projects yesterday….

We have now had 24 hours of seriously wet rain, and winds to gale force 8, the Frome has risen a couple of feet, and after a site meeting early this morning managed to stay in the dry and clear my desk of paper work!

Sorted out the Cod gear, tied some new for this season rigs, checked wind guru over and over again, and if all goes to plan should be on the beach well before first light, just as the wind drops, it just can’t possibly get any more cunning than that………

Just got the boat off of its mooring before this storm came through, its frustrating at this time of the year, only ten days ago chasing Bass in the sun, and now wrapping up and spending many hours on a remote beach in search of an early Cod, its great, after all thats why we live in Dorset.

I remember fishing a couple of winters ago, and after a long cold blank day we decided to stay on well into the night, still not catching anything, but we saw one of the best sunsets ever!

Its strange, to have done something all of your life, and still get really excited about it, I went Chub fishing with a mate at stupid o clock the other morning, and when he picked me up he was shattered, “awake most of the night mate, over excited” wierdo…..!!!!!            Roll on tomorrow…….