A short report

We all know that our chalk rivers are running low… But here on the river Frome in Dorset we have had probably one of the best winter Grayling seasons (Fish to over 4lbs) ever and because of those low levels a great amount were caught on nymphs on the middle reaches, while those who like to long trot took their fair share on the Frome’s lower reaches.

With the Brown Trout season beginning on 1st of April the valley is buzzing with excitement, the fishing was outstanding last year, and it will be again this year, anglers just need approach the Frome as a slightly smaller river and adapt, perhaps using a little more stealth than usual, enjoy your surroundings, relax, a fish is a bonus to a great day out on one of our stunning Chalk Rivers.

There are Day Tickets available on this stunning River.

DFC members, looking forward to seeing you out on the work party this coming Saturday!

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