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A few spare hours….

I am sitting here wracking my brains, I have an hour or two tomorrow, to go and catch a fish and I feel its got to be a Coarse Fish on a fly, that’s the challenge now lets find a venue.

Due to the middle Frome being flooded today we had to cancel our work party, which freed up some much needed time to catch up on a little paper work.

I was sitting in the office chatting to Rodney from fish the dream about nailing a few Tarpon in the spring, fantastic, then the conservation got a little out of control, Sharks, Dorado, Tuna ON THE FLY oops sounds a little scary, CAN’T WAIT.

Ben called round so we sped off to the tidal Frome in search of Giant Roach, all we managed was a couple of Salmon Parr, a result in a very coloured river.

Back on Sunday, Roach look out….

Just had a look at Fly drives to Miami, about £350, thats pretty good, I don’t supose anyone fancys a long weekend wading the flats in search of a Bone fish or a Shark?

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  1. scott says:

    love the snow flakes dude! hope you get a roach, try the flake!