A brief Frome report

The last two or three weeks fishing on the Frome have been a challenge to say the least, what with heavy rain and rather blustery conditions, add in some rather spasmodic hatches and you get the picture.

I think some of the rods have taken refuge at home rather than venturing out on to the river, but those who have made the effort catching a few hours in between showers have spoken of marvellous sport and thick hatches of Mayfly.

The rain that we have had in the catchment over the last couple of months has now made the Frome look absolutely stunning, full to the brim for the rest of the season, held back by acres of flowering Ranunculus.

I have heard of more two pound plus wild trout being caught this season than certainly the last few, the Grayling are now in season and one angler reported seeing (not catching) eleven fish over three pounds on one of the day ticket beats.

As soon as this weather settles down we will be in for some great fishing, lovely olive hatches and happy anglers out enjoying the evening rise.

So take a look on the web and get on and book some fishing on the lovely river Frome here in Dorset…. http://eat-sleep-fish.co.uk/content/2012/06/home-waters

 Lots more pictures on our Facebook page.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Casterbridge-Fisheries-Ltd/151391694948872

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