Month: May 2015

A massive smile

Wild fish in rather wild places will always make me smile, another one of those “once in 48 years fish” so snaggy I had to strip strike, a lovely take on a French Partridge, and thank you to Maxima for their 5lb fluorocarbon… Oh and my dear mate Mr G for being there… 🙂

May 2

A few more DFC pictures…


Another one of those stupidly fast years, nearly the end of May already, but we are in the full swing of Mayfly and the fish are having it big time… A handful or random pictures from the last week or so…  

Meeting People

Over many years we have met some truly amazing people, yesterday I was walking some of the Frome with three rather fine wildlife photographers take a look at their work, it will give you a serious wow factor…Tom Mangelson, Kathy Moran and Charlie Hamilton James.

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