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Archive of entries posted in the year 2011

Fly boxes

We had a really nice guy fishing here on our “Home Beat” yesterday, and after he finished, and the drizzle came down, we sat around for an hour or so drinking coffee and chatting about fishing and how some anglers are also great collectors…… Awesome, then we went through a few flies that he takes with him…………………

A Happy New Year to you all

Redd Counting

It is rapidly approaching the time of year when we carry out detailed Redd Counting on several catchments here in the Wessex region, collecting important date that in turn adds a basis for the design and location of future enhancement projects.


If you have an interest in the data collected you can have a read of the January 2011 report here

And you can take a look at a short video clip of Sea Trout spawning on the frome a few weeks ago here

Festive treats

Christmas eve walk, and we spotted two stag’s, six hind’s, seven Sea Trout, one Salmon and a four pound Grayling…

Christmas day we had quality time with family, great food and wine, a river walk, watched Sea Trout and a small Salmon redd cutting then back for cheese and port, smiles all around!

Boxing day, a river walk for the DFC members and Rob spotted two Salmon and a couple of redd’s which really made the walk complete, great company on a Boxing day morning, happy new year….

Boxing Day River Walk