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EA Consents and Rain……

I seem to have spent a lot more time in the office this year, what with the increase in FP&WDFA work, the planning of projects, and applying for consents (and sourcing funding) all takes up a huge amount of time before anything is actually delivered.

I have to say thank you to the staff at Blandford EA, they are very helpful, (and patient) and their turn around for consents is fantastic, and to top this there is always someone at the end of the phone for some friendly advice, without these guys none of our fishery improvement projects would get off the ground!

After a long haul all our applications have been consented and we now begin two solid months of in stream habitat improvement work, and pre enhancement electric fishing survey work, I will be producing reports on all the delivered projects and these will be available to read both here and at   

We have had a fair amount of rain over the last couple of days, lets hope this does not hold us up, I know we need a drop but it can wait until November, and don’t forget there is only six weeks of the Trout season left!

We have also had winds up to gale force 8 this week which has played havoc with our Bass fishing, lets keep our fingers crossed for the weekend, nice calm seas, warm, about 28 degrees should do it…..

Dusk and Sedges

Ben and I fished the Frome tonight until just after the light faded……

Despite seriously low levels and crystal clear water, we had an out standing evenings fishing, both catching more than our fair share of fish, I had one good fish on a “Daddy longlegs” and the rest of our fish as dusk aproached all fell to small pale Sedge patterns………Jim we have a Chub plan, I will ring you tomorrow…..

Adrians pictures

Adrian joined us out with “Fish the Dream” back in June, here is a link to his pictures, please take a look, including a short clip of me doing battle with a Grouper of over 5oo pounds, before the hook fell out!


Last night we found ourselves out chasing Bass on various lures, great fun, a couple of fish nothing large, and now they give it windy for a while…..(don’t forget we do take people out) Just take a look at our fishing pages.

A busy morning out on the river, I have to say the lower beat on the DFC fishing looks better than any other on the Frome, possibly because it still has a fair bit of healthy weed growing….but we still need some rain.

This afternoon we had a really good meeting with our “Riverfly” group, we now have a fully qualified volunteer group of samplers as part of the “River invertebrate monitoring for anglers” and will be out sampling our various sites from early next month, a great bunch of folks passionite about their rivers, if you feel like helping out please get in touch……..

Friday the 13th……

The word utopia springs to mind, I spent some of the day mowing fishing paths along the banks of the Frome, well you could describe it as noisy fish spotting if you like, in fact these low water conditions remind me of one of my favorite Chub swims on the lower Stour called “high bank”, you could look down on the Chub and catch them free lining a lob worm….

Then we had a seriously heavy shower of rain just as I finished mowing the beat, and the day was ticking on fairly quickly (like they do) so it was down to plan B.

Food plays a huge part in my life, food we have either gathered, grown, caught, or what friends have shot (my shooting just gets worse), when I got back Andrea was just making fish cakes from Mackerel that we smoked last night, and we had Crab for lunch…

Lib’s and I decided to dodge the rain, and take the boat out for the evening, and with a decreasing off shore wind we would only get wet, well we got soaked, the sky, the colours, rainbows, rain like in the tropics it was amazing, truly stunning!

The evening just got better and better, Lib’s caught three Bass and two Pollack, and to her credit returned all but the largest (3lb) Bass, we then sped out to check our pot’s and she pulled in the lucky JG pot shouting “Lobster”……….

And then it just got a whole lot better……

As we were returning all the under sized Crabs a Dolphin came to visit us, what a sight, I had no idea how big they grow, we spent over an hour drifting around taking pictures, watching and listening to this amazing creature, one moment in total silence and a mirror sea the Dolphin was along side just staring at us………….Memories that will last forever…..We had forgotten time, now it was dark and we had to find our way back in.